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Sydney, Australia

How better to see Sydney then with a local?! 🇦🇺 Phillip came through as promised..saw a kangaroo, a koala & then some! Fell in love with the beaches. As we came upon Bondi Beach, I saw Bondi Ink..the tattoo shop....just watched an episode on Netflix before I left the States. (Still pondering the tat to commemerate the 'Magical Mystery Tour'!) Manly Beach, just as beautiful with a great shop where we attuned to crystals. Explored Chinatown. Got lost, but am finding the treasure in those moments. How often in our regular day to day lives do we get to experience 'being lost'?! Phillip was a great host, had a fun nite at a comedy show & got to read for some of the fam. Thankful to be included. Other stops on the tour consisted of the Opera House, Harbour bridge, taking a ferry to the zoo for a day & road triping throughout the city. Loved the feeling of the ocean all around me - a happy Pisces!

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