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Packing & preparing to leave!

Wrapping my brain around packing! It has literally took me 5 months to prepare to be gone for 5 months. From shots, Visas, banking, shopping & a continual "to do" list. I probably made 6 trips to REI. South America is probably our most challenging as far as the creature comforts...or lack there of. Needed to first research the right size backpack, a good pair of hiking boots, Camelback, wool socks, winter jacket & warm clothes for the cold weather while staying in a tent. We are meeting up with a group hiking up to 6 hours a day, so practicing hiking my neighborhood hills with 15 lbs of books packed in my new backpack was a must do. Prior to South America is the heat of Thailand. Yes, packing for 2 extreme temps in a 22 by 14 by 9 inch allotment! Stayed up the nite prior to leaving packing, measuring & weighing my pack repeatedly! OCD at it's best! Rolled my clothes & fit 42 items & a hat in my pack! Then reality hit....that I will "be one" with this pack for 5 months straight.... exit 10 articles & the hat! How easy priorities change! :)

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