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"Thank you for sharing your testimonials for others to know connection is possible for them also."    Rebecca


"Thank you for  the recording from the reading you did for me at the expo. It's unreal how incredibly accurate you are in your message to me from both Patty and nonny and I'm realizing so much more now that I'm listening to it calmly & undistracted at home. I am so grateful for meeting you and I have complete adoration for who you are. You changed my life. I didn't realize how much I needed this time with you until after leaving you. I hope that you receive tenfold what you have given to me. I look forward to doing a reading again sometime in the future."

Much love,

Moriah S.

Gifted! You gave a great reading and connected with my grandfather. I have never had anyway connect with him like you. - Anonymous


Amazing, very accurate and picked up on details about people I asked her about. - M.F., Chipley

Mary Rae  / Virginia Beach, VA.

Thank you so much for helping & connecting me to my love Corey.  You have helped me on so many different levels.  Your gift is real & with it you saved my life.  I was drowning fast & you helped pull me back up with the connection we had with Corey.

Thank you!  Thank you!  .

I doubted anyone could give a reading over the phone. She was very easy to talk to and within minutes she was telling me things that were absolutely true and right on. I was amazed at all she knew about me and the questions I had thought about in my mind. We talked about a lot in our time and I was more than happy with the information she gave me. She told me things were going to happen and they already have. I highly recommend her! TTYS. - S.S., Calgary

Great reading! Thank you! - Anonymous

What a charming and wonderful reader; went right to the point about my significant other and gave me wonderful advice and help about my plans. She saw him plain as day! What a gift! Thank you! - Phyllys, New York

You were just AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for connecting me with my husband. You were spot on with everything and gave details that only I could know of. God bless you! And thank you again. - P.N., Dublin

I am a regular client  and without sounding cliche, I will say what I have never said before. This woman is the real deal! Unbelievable. I have a feeling I won't be able to get an appointment with her soon, because you all will see! She knew the name of the guy my deceased brother's wife is having an affair with without my telling her! It blew me away among other things. - Anonymous

Amazing! So quick to pick up on the issue and straightforward. CALL HER! - Anonymous

I asked her to connect with someone on the other side. She immediately said there was chaos surrounding him on the 5,6, or 7th (he died on the 7th with much going on before he passed on those days). She connected him to August - which is his birth month. She gave very specific details about my children and said he was with us. She even brought through his personality and said things the way he would have said them. AWESOME MEDIUM-SHIP! - Anonymous

Best medium I have spoken with in many years! No vagueness and fishing for information from me. She quickly and clearly connected to my deceased brother and picked up on his quick passing, his personality, his creativity, his birth month, the physical distance between us when he died, the fact that I did a unique prayer ceremony for him, the music around him and then gave me valuable healing messages from him to give to my family. - Anonymous

Very honest and straightforward: she does not waste your time. One of the best psychics! - Anonymous


My first time! Amazing! Not only did she tune in to my mother, but also my aunt. She knew my aunt had a specific issue, and she knew through my mother that my brother is having issues and that he is 57 years old. She told me my mom will not tell me what to do in my personal life. Funny, a year a go another medium told me she said the same thing! This woman is the real deal - call her! - Anonymous

Such fun to read with! She delivers so much detailed information you'll really need to be ready to write it all down. I just can't say enough about her except to say, DO read with her, and quickly, before her rate goes up. Thank you again,  you are awesome! - S.K., Gambrills

Omg!! She was great! I was very happy with my reading. She knew so much about my family and my mother that had passed away almost one year ago. - C.M., San Jose


Perhaps I'm just anxious to see how things will turn out in my life and I need more patience. I asked  about two specific situations and got tons of information in return. The biggest insight: By embracing confident energy, it will all come true! Spirit said I've already got this! It's to know that my confidence now will pay off in the near future. - H.A., Burbank

I had an excellent session!  She communicated with my mother and it was very helpful. I highly recommend her and plan to contact her again. - L.H., Washington

I asked her to connect with both my father and another male who is in my family that has crossed over. The descriptions of both men were perfect and brought me to tears; tears of joy. Thank you for their words through you. In addition she is so easy and pleasant to talk to and really on. Wonderful medium and that is a rare commodity. Thank you. By the way, ask her to check your chakras. I feel much lighter. God bless! You rock! - Anonymous

She gave such a lovely and accurate reading! The details and messages coming through were amazing and I am grateful. Many Thanks for your warmth and kind spirit!

Oh my God! She was amazing. It was my first time having this type of reading and she was able to connect with my aunt/mom. She told me things that were right on the dot. I cried throughout the entire reading because everything she was saying was true and I needed some type of closure or reassurance that she was with me and she gave me that. I will forever thank her for this. - Anonymous


She connected with my parents very quickly. They told me through her exactly what was going on, things that only they would know! I will definitely calling back, and will wait to see if what I was told comes to fruition so I can let her know. - T.H., West Fort Lee

Great Medium. She was able to connect with a good friend who passed with 2 of his friends at a young age. She picked up on how the three had passed, the types of personalities each had, and specifics on my friend that she had no way of knowing. I will be a repeat customer. Thank you. - L.J., Rochester

She was so clear and answered my questions right away. I appreciated her direct style, she opened my eyes to what I needed to see. - K.K., Upton

You are such a delight! Thank you for a wonderful session. I can't tell you how thrilled I was that you connected with an old friend of mine who passed over and able to come through with information that validated the connection. You are the real deal. I will definitely be calling again. - R.M., Lovelady

I asked her to connect to my Dad and she did right away. Madison was spot on in describing the father. It was exactly what I needed. Now I know for sure what my Dad wants me to do. She was wonderful and I would recommend her to everyone looking to connect to a deceased loved one. I

had no doubt that she was talking to my Dad. Wonderful. - Anonymous

Thank you  for a super reading and helping me connect with my husband. It was so amazing you mentioned the raisinets because I found a box in my husband's belongings the afternoon before I called you. You also mentioned meatloaf which is my husbands favorite meal. We use to go to this diner and he'd order it all the time. I will be calling you again. - Joyce, Hudson

You are the real deal! The details and information she provided was extremely accurate. Amazing! - R.C., North Bethesda


Thank you!  March was a horrible month and you helped me a lot by giving me messages from my brother. I miss him terribly, but you were able to put my mind at ease and I know he is in a better place. I pray you are correct on you April 16th date and the person who killed him is brought to justice. Thank you for sharing your gifts, you are truly a great psychic. - Anonymous

Wonderful, she is very compassionate and was really in tuned quickly with my situation. Thank you  for helping me connect with Butch and for all of the gently given recommendations I needed to hear and have confirmed. - Patricia, Santa Fe

Her reading was delightful and she did a wonderful deed for me - she was able to reach the other side and tell me about a woman who played a big part in my life as my "second mother" it was a remarkable gift. She is charming and sweet and totally correct about this person and others in my life. Thank you so much! - Phyllys, New York

Loved her and my reading with her. She was accurate and awesome. - M.G., Virginia Beach


 GREAT!! We totally connected. She provided all the answers I needed right away. She especially provided closure on one specific question I had that was heavy on my mind. She told me exactly what was going on without me giving her any information. All I can say is wow!! I can now close that door, and move forward through another. She is very gifted. I would highly recommend her if you want a true compassionate reading. - R.W., Sacramento


She read me so passionately, it was obvious that she genuinely cared about me! She was very sweet.

She was amazing! She connected to my grandmother's spirit and gave me specific advice on a project I'm working on. I feel like I finally have a step by step plan to reach my goals!


She was very in tune with what I am going through right now. I will wait to make any decisions until after the next few months and see if things take shape as she foresees. I will be back to hopefully validate her prediction. She was extremely accurate at pinpointing what she was picking up without much information from me at all. Give her a try! - Ronni, Moorestown


Thank you for your words and advice. This was my second call with you and I have not been disappointed in any way. First call, everything you said happened just as you said it would, even things I thought weren't possible. I know that the messages from my Dad could only have come from him. It amazes me how well you were getting information about me and my family. That's why I came back! I think we have a great connection. THANK YOU! - Anonymous


I wanted to connect with my dad who recently passed. I had been told this could not happen-it was too soon. She asked who I wanted to reach and she did connect with him. She gave me information validating that it was indeed my dad. The reading was very helpful-she brought up topics that were indeed on my mind about relationship, career & finances, my future path. She is the real deal! I will definitely call her again. - S.T., Belmead


Got a very nice message from my Grandmother. Thank you. - Anonymous


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