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Psychic Investigations

A true passion of Rebecca's is working Psychic Investigations. She has studied Remote Viewing, Psychic Detective work, completed a Private Investigator Internship with the Seattle Public Defenders Association, received certification with Trinity Executive Solutions with Law Enforcement Investigations of California and is a member of JS Intuitive Investigations Academy as a Beta Tester for Impartial Witness.

Rebecca also works with a team of Psychics & Mediums on Missing Persons, Unresolved Passing & Cold cases. Law enforcement & families that would like us to look at your case please email the following information below. Please reply with only the information requested, as to not "front load" any additional information to our team. 

-Name & Date of Birth of Victim.

-Date & Place Victim went missing or crime occurred.

-Name, email & phone contact of person submitting request & their relationship to Victim.

-Name of Detective & are they open to working with Psychics/Mediums? Is the case still open?

Our time & efforts are offered to you pro-bono.



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