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Rebecca Pfeffer

International. Certified. Spiritual.

PSychic Medium

Energy Intuitive

"Sometimes on our journey, we find we may have lost our way. We may feel we are off course and are seeking guidance and direction. It may be in times of grief of losing someone or just the sense of losing ourselves. The connection to Spirit is the conduit to opening our hearts and letting the healing process begin. A reading or healing is what make this connection possible.  


A reading is an opportunity to open our Soul and let it speak, sometimes we just need assistance in accessing it. Connecting to our loved ones in Spirit is a blessing to be shared and truely sacred work. Whichever path we choose to take together, know that I am in Service to both those seeking to heal, while also being in Service to Spirit." 



Spiritual Medium & Energy Intuitive

Asheville, NC

Mediumship Sittings, Psychic Assessment Readings & Energy Healings
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